Vision-Tech™ 4G Dash Camera 

4G Connected Dash Camera and Tracker 
The FF2000 connects you to your fleet in real time providing live tracking of vehicle activity and instant notification and HD video footage of any incidents that may occur. 
Better management and faster responses to incidents is proven to dramatically improve productivity, minimise running costs and reduce the costs associated with accidents and insurance. 
Using inbuilt Geforce (shock) and GPS sensors the FF2000 is able to detect poor driving habits and collisions and uses the 3G mobile networks to relay details and video footage which are available through the secure MyFleet™ Live website and free-phone app 24/7. 
A range of tracking reports such as Timesheets, Trips and Stops and idling are included within the web platform along with driver performance dashboards that can be downloaded in PDF, Excel and Word format. 
HD Camera 
Max Video Recording 
Playback and Tracking 

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Live GPS Vehicle Tracking and Reports 

The Vision-Tech 1080p Dash Cam combines the best of HD Camera technology with GPS telematics to deliver live vehicle tracking and video footage from a single unit. 
To see the whereabouts and status of your vehicles simply login to the MyFleet™ Live web application to see a complete fleet overview. A click on a vehicle will show its live position along with traffic information. 
Summaries of routes taken, activity charts and historic reports including Time-Sheets, Trips and Stops, Engine Idling and Alerts can also be run over any time period. 
To help manage the fleet a useful dashboard is also included helping to reduce fuel usage and risk whilst getting more done by comparing individual driving styles, daily activity and worker productivity. 

First Notification of Loss (FNOL) 

When an accident happens, the quicker you are aware and can act on it, the more favorable the outcome will be. FNOL is an insurance term which stands for First Notification of Loss and it is considered by insurers to be vital in minimising the costs of a claim. 
The Vision-Tech 1080p Dash Cam is able to detect collisions and automatically send a notification allowing you to take control and gather the evidence needed to successfully make or defend an insurance claim. 
Video footage, GPS and Geforce data are all used to make, defend or mitigate claims and are usually decisive. All data is provided by our simple to use web application and can be quickly exported for use by insurers and the police. 

Remote Video Upload 

One of the biggest hassles for any fleet using witness cameras is maintaining the memory cars and downloading incident footage. Whether the vehicles are kept in your yard or across the UK it is a time consuming and frustrating task. 
The Vision-Tech 1080p Dash Cam includes 3G technology allowing the footage to be downloaded remotely to a computer or viewed on a mobile device without ever visiting the vehicle. In addition the Vision-Tech 1080p Dash Cam needs no maintenance with status information readily available online. 
Having 4G access allows footage to be downloaded straight away or at your convenience and prevents the risk of footage being automatically overwritten because the memory card is full. 

Reliable, Low Maintenance Memory Storage 

Reliably storing footage on the special High Endurance SD card the FF2000 keeps all video evidence safe and secure using a key lock mechanism and data encryption, which is essential for GDPR compliance. 
Adjustable video quality and frame rate allow up to 372 hours of footage to be stored on a single 32GB memory card whilst inbuilt GPS records speed and location at all times. 
Integrated Geforce sensors detect harsh driving events and impact severity for use in mitigating claims, a panic button is also included for the driver to highlight important events. 

Fast Installation 

The 1080P Dash Camera is straight forward to fit, fixing to the inside of the windscreen using specialist 3M pads causing no damage to the vehicle. Installed in as little as 30 minutes the 1080P Dash Camera is one of the fastest cameras to put in. 
Connection to the vehicles electrical system is minimal with only two wires needed (ignition live and earth) which are picked up in the vehicle fuse-box or BBM (Body Builders Interface). 
Professional nationwide installation is available at competitive rates ensuring minimal vehicle downtime and a fuss free implementation. 

Example Video Footage 


4G Video Upload 

When an incident occurs video footage can be uploaded the mobile networks and saved on your computers for use in making / defending claims and for training drivers on poor or risky driving behaviour. 

Live GPS Tracking 

Integrated GPS tracking and telematics records and reports the vehicles location, speed and direction of travel live to our servers. All data is stored on the SD Card and our servers and can viewed live 24/7 using our web application. 

Collision Detection 

The Vision-Tech 1080p Dash Cam has built in Geforce sensor monitors and record the forces acting on the vehicle at all times to aid analysis of driving style. If a collision is detected an automatic alert is sent instantly via email and through the app. 

Reliable Storage 

Vision-Tech fleet witness cameras include the latest High Endurance MLC SD card memory for improved reliability and less frequent maintenance. MLC memory lasts significantly longer and is more tolerant of temperature extremes. 


Nationwide Installation 

Our nationwide installation service ensures a fast, no-hassle implementation of the Vision-Tech 1080p Dash Cam solution. Carried out at your premises each vehicle takes as little as 30 mins with a full testing and commissioning service on completion. 

Driver Alert Button 

H-TEC driver alert buttons are mounted on the dashboard and are used by the driver to highlight important events that need to protected from automatic overwriting and stored for longer periods of time 


Driving ability and standards 
Driver concentration and fitness to drive 


Spurious, inflated and fraudulent claims 
Unjustified personal injury claims 
Deliberate and accidental vehicle damage 
Company brand and image 


Insurance subjectivities 
Site compliance and access rules 
Health and Safety executive guidelines 
Company policies and procedures 
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