Validated Data 
Mandatory fields within the App and GPS location data mean you can confirm vehicles are genuinely being checked. 
No Complex I.T 
Convey Performance automatically feeds data via apps and the web. All you have to do is login and customise your reports. 
Live Reporting 
All submitted tachograph and WalkAround checks are automatically available to view through Convey reporting tools, enabling you to respond to issues immediately. 
Better Driver Interaction 
Experience better interaction with your drivers with instant mutual resolutions to issues. 
Quicker Feedback 
Feedback response times are dramatically cut between driver and management with the help of our other modules. 
Proactive & Educational 
Learn as you solve: By solving issues proactively, drivers will learn quickly, preventing the development of bad habits. 
Automatic Escalation 
Escalation can be automated when a certain level of failures are met. 
League Table Scheme 
Drivers and depots can be ranked based on performance points. Points can be configured to your business' standard. 
Cost Effective 
No charge for customers using our Tachograph module. 

Part of the package 

We do not charge additionally for the Performance module as it is a key feature of the whole system. Performance compliments all of our other modules such as WalkAround and Tachograph. 


Capture data from various sources, such as your tachograph hardware or our Convey Products. Set up your drivers with access to the system and immediately start to capture in depth details about your drivers and vehicles. 
Login to the Convey platform or the Manager app (for iOS/Android) to view reports and analysis on a vehicle or driver basis. View patterns of driving, infringements and daily activity. All data is saved on the platform to demonstrate DVSA compliance. 

Management & Driver Apps 

Did you know that you are legally required to let your drivers know of any infringements they have incurred? Our system will notify you immediately saving you time ensuring that you are operating as safe as possible in a clear and informative ways for your drivers. The system will also allow drivers to respond to infringements and engage with their manager. 
The Convey Manager app is available on iOS and Android, allowing managers to debrief and check driver performance 'on the go'. Please get in touch to subscribe or to arrange a demo. 
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