Walkaround helps check if vehicles should be on the road by allowing the driver  
to accuratley check and highlight defects. 
Managers can see instantly when, where and what time the checks and defects have been recorded, and even be notified of any defects for immediate action. 

With a clear and simple user interface 

Recording Walk Around checks electronically couldn’t be easier. 
Using a series of tick boxes compliance can be recorded quickly and easily. If a defect is found, notes and photographs can be added to ensure that the full information reaches the relevant manager at the depot. When a check is completed the information is sent straight to the database with any defects being flagged to the assigned manager at the depot. This simple system will ensure a smooth transition from the old paper defect book with the added benefits of speed, increased information and reduced administration. 
Our Convey Walkaround App can also be integrated with our digital tachograph analysis service. This enables drivers to use the app to view information such as a detailed breakdown of previous shifts and infringements. 
Driver data live at your finger tips... 

FREE 14 Day Trial  

The complete DVSA WalkAround compliance solution for all aspects of PCV, HGV and company vehicle checking and reporting. 

Report & Analyse 

Access, analyse and report on the status of vehicles or the entire fleet simply by logging in via the Convey website and accessing and reporting on activity. 

Continuous Data Capture 

Build up a long-term record of the status of vehicles for full analysis, internal reporting and proof for enforcement agencies. 

Real Time Information 

Real-time data and automated alerts mean you can be aware of defects as soon as they happen and take action before they escalate. 

Validate by location 

GPS locations captured when Walkaround checks are being undertaken confirm they are being completed when and where you expect them to be. 

  Walk Around means:  

Ensuring DVSA Walkaround compliance 
Simplicity for you and your drivers 
Avoiding expensive disruptions 
A single view of fleet roadworthiness 
Eliminating paper trails 
Confidence in vehicle safety 

 Dangers of non-compliance:  

Failed roadside 
PG9 Roadworthiness prohibition 
Loss of Operator's 
Failed roadside checks 
Loss of Operator's 
PG9 Roadworthiness prohibition 

Avalible on IOS and Andriod 

The WalkAround App is available on iOS and Android. It is optimised for over 10,000 types of smartphone ensuring your drivers have a seamless experience on either budget or high-end devices. 

Pay £1 per vehicle per week 

No hidden costs - no sign-up fees and no on-going maintnance fees 

Unlimited Vehicle Checks 

Unlimited checks for £1 per vehicle per week! 

Unlimited Alerts 

Unlimited alerts received via email or by text message 
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