Keep your drivers legal, valid and up-to-date, our licence checking solution  
enables you to do this. 
Everything you need to know about your employees' driving status at your finger tips. 

It’s your duty to ensure all your employees are legal 

A key part of running a fleet is making sure that your employees drive legally with a valid driving licence. As an employer, the law says you are legally obliged to ensure that their licence is valid and covers the vehicle they are driving. Our licence checking system allows you to check your employees' driving licence status simply and easily. You can be confident your drivers are appropriately licensed and insured. 

Checks can be automatically scheduled 

After the employee's first licence check additional checks can be automatically scheduled. The frequency of this check can either be based on your company policy or each driver's risk profile. For example, low risk drivers only need to be checked three times per year, however for high risk drivers (drivers with six points or more) we would recommend more frequent checks are scheduled. 

Your employees can remain on your system up to 3 years 

In order to complete the checks, you as an employer are required to gain the permission and signature on the driving entitlement consent form of each employee. Once the employee has signed to authorise the checks they can remain on the system for up to three years. 

Need help? Technical support from H-TEC 

Telephone queries will be answered immediately and all calls are taken directly by our support team, there is no holding queue. Call our technical support team on 01530 249030 or email us at 


Fully intergrated with DVLA and supported by our team of experts 
Online service 
Your driving licence data is stored in our data centre facilities 
Driving licence data is stored in our data centre facilities 
Role based access 
Overview of all licensed drivers by depot or site 
Colour coded risk flag 
Configurable risk levels, audit periods and warning notices 
Banned licence holder 
Storage of all licence details, licence card and paper counterpart 
Status and copy of licence mandates 
Historical log of licence checks and any changes to licence details 
Search facility  


Single username and password to manage your tachograph and driving licence compliance with the support of our team. 
Access the system any time or any place where you have internet connection 
Verification of the licence details with DVLA gaurenteed within 2 working days. In most cases requests received before 3:30pm will be delivered the next working day. 
Driving licence data is secure, backed up and always avalible  
Saving time creating licence records for your drivers 
Responsibility for managing licences and authorising DVLA verification can be given to specific individuals within your own organisation. 
Visibility of the status of all licensed drivers, when the next licence is due regardless of the drivers' home depot site. 
Visibility of the risk allocated to all drivers based on the points on their licence 
Assess the risk of each driver for your business and have set policies in place based on that risk. 
Operators can apply bans to the highest risk drivers for any period independently of DVLA to maintain their own internal standards. 
Find specific licences quickly and easily 
Provides evidence and an audit trail to show the authorities that you have systems and processes in place to ensure employees are entitled to drive. 
Automated email alerts to issues that need immediate attention 

No hidden costs, no contracts... 

There is no need to sign a contract, commit to a subscription or direct debit mandate. You only pay for the licence verifications with DVLA and we invoice month end.* 
All invoices are itemised so you can see exactly what you are paying for. 
Getting started with our flawless licence checking solution is easy and you could be using it in minutes 
*We carry out a credit check for all new customers  
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