H-TEC's Smartanalysis user portal is being refreshed, to deliver a brand new look with new colour schemes, better functionality making the system more user friendly. 
The changes in this release are outlined below: 
Login - although the login page looks different the login process and forgot password process remains unchanged. 
Landing page (What's New) - guides you through the changes in this release. 
Main application window 
New colour scheme with the new blue and white - across the entire feature set. 
SmartAnalysis branding and logo have been updated. 
Service provider logo is presented at all times on the title bar. 
Main Navigation Menu has moved and is now vertical down the left-hand side. 
Main Navigation Menu 
Reporting - available menu options rationalised and now only includes those features specific to reporting: 
All reports are still available - use All Reports 
Easier to setup and access Favourites - use Favourites 
Setup time-based and event-based subscriptions - use Subscriptions 
Search Tachograph Records moved to Tachograph module 
Add WTD Plan moved to WTD module 
Calendar - brings you straight to the Driver Depot View. Navigate to the alternative Calendar views by selecting the appropriate Calendar link/icon at the top of the view. 
Tachograph (formerly Digital Tachograph) - Search, View, Download and Assign tachograph files from this location and also manage your Unaccounted Distance. 
Resources - (formerly General Admin) presents a number of sub-modules to enable administration of all resources including Companies, Drivers, Vehicles and Depots, The ability to move digital vehicles and move digital drivers has also been moved to this location. 
WTD - new module bringing all WTD planning and administration together. 
Search Tachograph Records is now available from the Tachograph module 
Although the navigation has changed you will continue to have access to only those features/facilities that your role permits. 
In addition, the following enhancements have also been included: 
Ability to associate a manual entry of type Furlough for one or more drivers and indicate the associated hours for WTD. 
Unaccounted Distance reports enhanced to present the username and date/time any comments were added to SmartAnalysis by users to account for missing mileage. 
To better manage Unassigned files, the Manage Unassigned files facility is only available to those users with the appropriate role, unassigned driver files and VU files are also now assigned/managed at the driver/vehicles level rather than individual shifts 
Plus a number of fixes in SmartAnalysis 
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