Why choose H-TEC Tracking & Telematics? 

Reduced Maintenance 
Reduced Accidents & Violations 
Reduced Fuel Consumption 
Improved Uptime 
24/7 Customer Support 
5 Star Trust Pilot Reviews 

Universal Fleet Visibility 

Monitor your entire fleet in real-time. Between GPS location tracking for both powered and non-powered assets, fuel usage monitoring, and maintenance record management, you will always have the full picture of your assets. 
Instantly track vehicles and equipment with vehicle mapping. 
Get quick, reliable and auditable communication. 
Automate compliance and dispatching with connected workflows. 


Eliminate hours of paperwork and track essential information as it happens with easy, accurate, automated compliance information. Our team of industry experts track regional, national, and international regulations as they evolve to help your business remain compliant. 
Automate Tachograph reporting to reduce human error and keep drivers safe. 
Sync, log, and store data securely in the cloud to simplify audits. 

Make Safety Your Drivers' #1 Priority 

Of all the assets you manage, none are more important than your people. Comprehensive data, real-time alerts, compliance capabilities and training make safety second-nature. Our asset and fleet management solution offers a range of fleet safety features, including: 
Driver scorecards to benchmark unsafe behaviours, such as harsh braking, cornering, and acceleration. 
Synchronised alerts with dashboard camera feeds to record and view driving incidents. 
Low-distraction driver training aids and alerts on the road. 

Maintenance & Fuel 

Keep your business growing and stay on the road with our maintenance and fuel management modules. Reduce equipment downtime and save money with real-time engine diagnostics, fuel usage monitoring and idling reports. Always have the tools you need to effectively manage your maintenance and fuel costs at your fingertips. 
Monitor idling and excessive fuel burn with easy-to-read reports and alerts. 
Receive instant alerts on driver behaviour, fuel usage, and maintenance issues. 
Schedule recurring preventative maintenance and track fuel purchases to ensure your fleet is cost-effective. 

Business Intelligence 

Bring your business data to life with powerful insights to make informed decisions. Visualise your fleet and asset performance in a way that makes sense for your business. Access information securely with customisable dashboards, reports, and real-time alerts. 
Track your organisation’s most critical KPIs in one simple view. 
Build your own reports with data you need, set goals, and measure performance. 
Customise alerts to react quickly to critical situations. 

Track anything, anywhere, anytime. 

Our apps are built from scratch, specifically designed to be easy and functional for when you are on the go. Our apps are built from listening to our customers to truly understand the challenges they face and craft our mobile apps to help make monitoring their fleets and assets the easy part of running their business. 
Written in a native script our fleet tracking apps run fast in popular mobile operating systems including Apple IOS (iphones and ipads) and Google Android. 
H-TEC gives you the tools and insights to gain more control over your fleet vehicles and how they are driven; protecting your business, your workforce and your reputation. 
With a unique range of products to suit every business, from self-installed telematics devices to single or fully integrated cameras, driver and incident alerts, or a simple to use highly configurable platform, H-TEC has a solution that will work for you. 
Simply put; we help you take control, increase security, improve safety and reduce costs. 


With location updates of 3-5 seconds you always know where your fleet assets are. 
Our web-based software makes it easier for you to manage your fleet, assets and personel on any device at any time with no software installations. 
Monitoring your fleet, assets and personel has never been easier thanks to our mobile apps.  
Set up customised access and security levels to meet the needs of your organisation. Create unlimited users and assign them to specific groups for easier management. 
Set alert types, conditions whom and where they are delivered, set mobile and sms and system alerts are fully customisable so you never miss an important event. 
Generate reports on demand or scheduled with over 20 report types to choose from. 
Customise all our reports by selecting the information you need. 
Replay one or more vehicle's route history of specific dates and follow the actual route taken by drivers. Displays specific events as part of the route replay, such as speeding or stops, and shows alongside other drivers. 
Assign key fobs to your drivers to identify the driver in each vehicle, prevent equipment miss use by restricting access to predefined key fob ID's. 
View real-time tachograph information such as, current mode, drivers 1 and 2, names, total drive and rest time. 
Download your vehicles, tachographs and driver cards remotely, save up to 2 working days a year per vehicle by remotely downloading your vehicles and drivers data. 
Know your lone workers safe using our app, with timed intervals, man down detection and sos alerts you can act quickly in an emergency situation. 
With fuel monitoring know exactly how much fuel has been consumed, the fuel levels of your vehicles and assets, reduce fuel wastage and thefts with fuel monitoring. 
Monitor tempreture and humidity in refrigerated units, either as whole or in zones. 
Get alerted of diagnostic trouble codes to stay ahead of maintenance. 
Running a international operation, or international journeys, we have you covered with the best network coverage. 


See fuel consumption, driven distance, emission levels and more 
Analyse each driver's fuel efficency performance 
Easy-to-read reports show areas for cost improvement, and support consistent savings over time 
Alert system warns you of significant fuel changes and potential theft 
Emisson level reports can be automatically sent to environmentally conscious customers 
Reports are available for both diesel and LNG-powered trucks 

How telematics helps your business 

Increase Security 

Our telematics solutions help you protect your assets, prevent theft and fraud, and tackle unauthorised usage of your vehicles and fuel. 

Improve Safety 

Monitoring vehicle diagnostics and driver behaviour improves the safety of your workforce and other road users, while reducing downtime in your business. 

Reduce Costs 

Creating more efficient routing of vehicles, superior MPG measurement and improving the utilisation of your vehicles will help you reduce your business costs. 

We are helping businesses across multiple industries 

We are always helping service organisations deliver on their promises to their customers. 
Good customer service is the basis of any business, and with telematics, you have the power to respond to service calls quickly and direct drivers to new locations. 
Keeping construction firms informed of where workers, vehicles and plant are located at all times. 
While you focus on the important areas of your business, we will monitor your vehicle and plant locations, sending you alerts if they leave where they should be, or helping find the closest team for the emergency repair. 
Optimising your mobile fleet so they are always in the right place at the right time. 
We can help you keep costs down, reduce administration time, gain advanced diagnostics of your fleet or simply provide you with a view of drivers journey times, from the most simple to the most complex, we can help. 
Providing the transport industry with the tools to drive their business forward. 
With a robust, efficient system that helps companies stay in contact with drivers on the road, you can enhance customer service and bring down operational costs simultaneously. 


Ready to see how H-TEC can solve your fleet tracking needs?  
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